Timothy Sturgel Shot His Family


A 26-year-old Colerain Township man has been arrested in the
deaths of his parents, Jerry and Mary Sturgel, as well as his 13-year-old
sister Emily Nicole Hurst. Police were called to their home after a 911 call by
the 13-year-old girl. According to the recorded 911 call Emily screamed “He’s
coming. My mom!” before the phone line went dead.

When police arrived at the residence they found that the
murderer, Timothy Sturgel, had allegedly set the home ablaze after murdering
his mother, sister and step-father. He was found outside of the house with a hunting
rifle and ran back inside as officers arrived.

Timothy doesn’t have any kind of criminal record that I have
been able to find, however a family member has come forward to the media that
Timothy had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. One thing that court records does show is that the police have been
called to the house on more than one occasion and that Timothy was ordered to
undergo psychiatric treatment at least four times. The relative also said that Jerry
was getting ready to kick his 26-year-old stepson out of the house.

This is an excerpt from the 911 call.


“My stepdad got shot – my stepbrother shot my stepdad,” a
trembling teenage voice tells the 911 dispatcher.

“OK, I’m going to get you some help out there;
what’s the address?” the dispatcher asks.

“9753 Sacramento Street,” the girl says, gaining

As the dispatcher verifies the address, another
female voice is heard in the background.

“What’s your name?” the dispatcher asks the girl.

“Emily Hurst.”

Garbled voices continue. Emily gasps for air.

The dispatcher regains the teen’s attention,
asking questions about the person shot. “Who shot him?”

The dispatcher doesn’t get an answer. Just this:
“He’s coming.” Emily screams. “My mom!”

Someone fumbles with buttons on the phone, and the
line goes dead.


Timothy R. Sturgel is to be arraigned on three accounts of
murder tomorrow. So far he hasn’t made any kind of statement to police that
they are releasing and detectives haven’t ascertained any kind of motive. From
what I can find they also have an older sister who was not there, it’s possible
that she may be able to shed some light on this horrible situation. I did find
her MySpace page and what is possibly his as well but I am not 100% sure it’s
them so I will wait to post any kind of link to his MySpace until I can confirm

Sturgel is being held by the Hamilton County Sheriff. His
intake booking information can be found here.

This brings back the entire “Bipolar Disorder” thing that I’ve
bitched about for a long time. If he was diagnosed with manic depression then
they also most likely prescribed medicine along with a regimen to help control
it. People claiming bipolar disorder are just using it as a fucking excuse to
do bad things . I’ve lived with manic depression my entire life and like any
other disease, Diabetes for example, you take your medicine and do what the
damned doctor tells you. From what I’ve been reading Timothy chose not to take his medicine.

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