Christina Oliver Had Sex With a Student

christina oliver

24-year-old Christina Eve Oliver is an English teacher at Ronald E. McNair High School in Stockton, California. Here’s yet another case of a public school teacher allegedly taking advantage of a younger child in order to sate her sexual appetite. 

The 16-year-old boy’s father became suspicious that his son might be involved with a teacher at McNair and called the police last Tuesday. After investigating the complaint the Stockton Police arrested Christina Oliver near the victim’s home and charged her with child molestation or annoyance, lewd or lascivious behavior and contact with a minor for the purpose of committing an offense with the minor.

After questioning Christina admitted to police that she had sex with the student. Oliver appeared at a bond hearing in court last Friday but did not enter a plea yet. Her attorney said that Christina lives at home and requested that her bail be reduced. The DA had requested $500k but the judge lowered it to $50,000. She is still currently in custody at the San Joaquin County Jail according to the latest media reports I’ve seen but she is NOT listed as being in custody according to the San Joaquin County jail.

According to police reports Oliver and the boy communicated with each other both in person as well as via text messages and email. I found what might be Oliver’s MySpace page and I wonder if they didn’t communicate that way as well. I’m not linking the profile because I’m just not sure it’s her.

Friends of the family say that this is unlike Christina and that she is a hardworking person who had aspirations of becoming an administrator. The school district won’t take any type of disciplinary action until the court proceedings take place but she can pretty much kiss her plans of becoming an administrator goodbye.
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