I just wanted to put up a quick update on some of the stuff happening in the Haleigh Cummings search. 
One thing that has come up today that apparently has been rumored for the last few days but which I just learned, is that a cousin if Misty Croslin’s, ‘Joe’, was in Satsuma around the time that Haleigh disappeared. He is back home in Tennessee and one of the big rumors flying around is that he is a pedophile. In a press conference with Haleigh’s paternal grandmother and aunt the grandmother told the media she he had ‘heard he was a pedophile’. 
Lt. Johnny Greenwood from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office disputed that rumor saying that “as far as we know, he is not a sex offender”. FBI nvestigators have spoken to Joe at his home in Tennessee but the Sheriff’s Office is not releasing any details. They also won’t confirm or deny how Croslin and ‘Joe’ are related. From what I understand, Putnam County detectives did receive a tip that Haleigh had been seen in a Carrabas restaurant in Knoxville. According to witnesses a man with the girl shielded her face and then drove off in a red Toyota Rav4 with a Florida license plate. Seems to me that if it were the cousin from Tennessee he would have Tennessee tags. More than likely it’s just someone visiting the area. I saw at least three cars today with Florida tags at my restaurant, I can pretty much guarantee that none of them had Haleigh with them either.


Allegedly the man also got into a fight over a gun with Ronald Cummings while he was in town as well, although Ronald Cummings has denied that. I’ve run across the rumor on several different news sites and forums but nobody seems to be able to corroborate it. Just one more rumor in a mill.
Misty Croslin got another 15 minutes this morning and was interviewed by Matt Lauer of the Today show.  He asked her several different questions, including about the cousin. Croslin  promptly threw him under the bus and then backed over him…when Lauer asked her is she thought the relative had anything to do with Haleigh’s disappearance she didn’t answer definitively ‘no’ or ‘yes’. She said “I really don’t know. I don’t know if he did or not” When Lauer asked her to clarify that statement she said “”I’m not quite sure at all. No. … He’s a criminal, pretty much; he’s been in trouble his whole life. I don’t trust him,”. Damn, that’s harsh. She also added that she hasn’t spoken to him since he left Satsuma.
He (Lauer) also asked about the pink shirt that she initially told investigators that Haleigh was wearing. Apparently she later found it in the dirty clothes and she showed the detectives after she found it.
Misty is also denying rumors that she left the mobile home the night of Haleigh’s disappearance.
The reward for Haleigh Cummings’ safe return has also been increased to $20,000 according to a news conference held earlier today by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators also received some sort of tip today that lef them to search a wooded area near the home. Nobody is saying what the tip was or if they found anything there. More than 70 searchers combed the area. My feeling is that that are getting close to finding Haleigh. After eleven days it’s extremely unlikely that she is still alive though. I do know that Sheriff’s Investigators had Croslin back down at the sheriff’s office again yesterday for five hours of questioning. They have also seized a vehicle in connection with the case but are not providing any details about the type of vehicle or who owns it.
Someone has also decided that it just wasn’t cool that Ronald Cummings stay in a tent and has donated a camper while investigators continue the search for Haleigh.
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