Greg Bowden was a Bad Cop…

Gregory Todd Bowden

Being a Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputy you would think that Gregory Todd Bowden from Byron, Georgia (sort of a suburb of Macon) would know that if you are chatting with someone on the Internet that claims to want to have sex with you, chances are it’s a setup. Obviously this disgrace to law enforcement doesn’t read much or maybe he just thought he was immune to what happens to douchebags who troll the net.

From October of this past year up until yesterday Bowden had been chatting (and speaking on the phone) with a woman who has a ten-year-old girl. Bowden thought he was going to get to have sex with both mother and daughter and even made the travel plans to come to Atlanta and meet them.

So if it was a setup, who was he chatting with? The FBI. Ooops. 

Bowden drove up to Atlanta but when he arrived at the agreed upon meeting place the FBI was waiting for him.
He is married and has two children. Gregory Todd Bowden has been a Bibb County deputy for seven years according to a press release from the Bibb County sheriff. Prior to that he worked for the District Attorney as a victim’s advocate. He’s been suspended with pay pending an official indictment.
H/T to Trench for sending this my way. We seem to be having more than our share of scumbags here in my home state lately.
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