There really hasn’t been many developments in the search for Haleigh Cummings over the last 48 hours. The search area is expanding and police are using diver dogs to smell the top of the water as they search the river. They are also reporting that several items of interest were found in the area around their trailer yesterday that have been sent to the crime lab but police aren’t releasing any information as to the items.

One thing I found of interest is the fact that I reported in another post that Ronald Cummings mentioned he and Misty Croslin (MySpace) had both taken lie detector tests and passed. The police have actually not released the results of the lie detector tests yet. Also, another discrepancy is the fact that Misty Croslin told investigators that she was sleeping with the children yet she told reporters on Thursday that she had been sleeping in her own bed.
CBS News has this report:
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