jarrod_white.jpgWe’ve all seen girls that look and act older than they really are. Hell, I think it’s only natural for guys to look at younger women and be interested. As men get older it’s sort of a sliding scale. The age range gets bigger but generally there’s a line in there somewhere. I think the last time I looked at a 13-year-old and was attracted was when I was, oh, about 15. Apparently that sliding scale is much more flexible with some guys. Take 23-year-old Jarrod Oliver White (MySpace) for instance. He must see something in 13-year-old girls that I don’t. That something makes me want to throw up a bit as a matter of fact.

A 13-year-old girl from the Delray Beach, Florida area somehow got it in her head that it would be a good idea to actually meet up with not just one man she met on MyYearBook.com but two of them. One of the men was Jarrod Oliver White, or Jay, and the other was David or Daniel. She had been chatting with the men online as well as through SMS and her webcam for about two weeks.
I think we all know what happens next…

Jarrod allegedly decided that hanging with the girl online just wasn’t enough and pressured her to meet him, to which she agreed. She at least had a quarter of a brain and decided that she didn’t want to be alone with a man she didn’t know so she invited the other man as well.
Around 1am on Valentine’s Day the girl snuck out of her house and went to meet the men on the beach. Everyone knows that three is a crowd so the two men argued when they got there. David (or Daniel) suggested that they all go home, which he did. Once the other guy was out of the picture “Jay” decided enough was enough and allegedly sexually assaulted her right then and there.
After the alleged assault she called a couple of her friends to tell them what happened and she also tried to call “Jay” back on his cellphone but he didn’t answer. The other man also called her to see if she was OK. When she told him what happened he apologized. I don’t yet know if charges are going to be filed on the second man but regardless of the fact that he left, he did meet up with her in the first place and should be at least charged with enticing a minor using the Internet or something along those lines.
Anyway, the police were called and it was a simple enough matter for police to match Jarrod with his cell number, get his picture off of another web page, most likely his MySpace profile since he had already deleted his MyYearBook profile, and have the girl pick him out of a photo lineup. Jarrod Oliver White was arrested on Friday, February 20th and charged with Sexual Battery and Kidnapping. He is being held without bond.
This incident just really shows how much you should be monitoring your kids Internet usage and also constantly talking to them about the dangers of meeting people on the Internet, or any stranger for that matter.
Update – Jarrod White’s Facebook can be found here. I’ve gotten several hits from a couple of notes on facebook from his friends. Looks like his MySpace account has been deleted or locked down but his Facebook is still up and set to private.

Updated 2/25/09 Earlier this week investigators obtained a search warrant for the
home of Jarrod Oliver White. While they aren’t releasing the
information as to what it is exactly they found evidence that ties
White to the crime

Updated 11/10/09 – As Amanda noted in the comments Jarrod withdrew his plea of not guilty to the charges and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in exchange for the other charges being dropped. Hopefully he’ll ask for ID next time he meets a chick online.

The result of pleading to the misdemeanor means he will get probation and will not have to register as a sex offender and judging from his actions I don’t think he’s a pedophile and while he may have made a stupid mistake he is not likely to be chasing after girls from the Internet any time soon.

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