Jose Rodriguez, Yet Another Murdering Illegal Alien


I received an email yesterday that put me in tears when I read it, from a family friend of a victim who came across an entry from last year and I want to update a little bit.
Back in October I posted one of many videos from Blogs 4 Borders. They focus on our border problem and illegal immigrants. One of my ‘favorite’ parts of Blogs 4 Borders Video Blogburst is the 100% Preventable segmant, which discusses crimes that could have been prevented had our government been doing it’s job to enforce our already existing laws rather than making it easy for illegal aliens to stay in this country by providing them jobs, voting rights, transportation, health care, food and education. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about so I won’t go off on any more of a tangent on it.
What I did want to talk about was the segment discussed in the Video I posted on October 20th, 2008, just a few short months after 6-year-old Mackenzie Maddox was brutally run down by Jose Rodriguez, an illegal alien.

Mackenzie Maddox

25-year-old Andrea Maddox and her daughter Mackenzie were crossing the street in Kenosha when Rodriguez, calously ran them down while running a red light and talking on his cell phone, injuring Andrea badly and killing 6-year-old Mackenzie. Her body was so badly damaged that they had to stuff her sleeves and tights with tissue paper because parts were missing or mangled. The funeral home did the best that they could but even her face was almost unrecognizable.
After hitting the two, Rodriguez got out of his dump truck and a witness to the scene reached in to grab the keys and throw them away so that the illegal alien had no choice but to either flee on foot or stay there. He chose to stay and be arrested, preferring the company of criminals and two hot meals over running I suppose. Or maybe jail is preferable to Mexico. I can’t really say what was going on in his mind at that point. That was back in June of 2008.
He was convicted in October (shortly before I posted the video) in the death of Mackenzie Maddox. What exactly did they convict him of? Well, since he is an illegal alien and it would be racist of us to treat him like any old American, he was convicted of Causing a death and driving with a revoked license. A misdemeanor. He was sentenced to nine months in jail. Nine months for the life of a six year old girl who had her entire life ahead of her. Not even nine months since they were taking out the 123 days he had already spent in jail. According to the court documents he was also assessed resitution of just under $7500 which is supposed to be paid by October of this year. As if that’s going to happen.
As I mentioned at the beginning of the post one of the things that prompted me to write this and update the story was an email I received yesterday. I was given permission to post it as well. Here are the important parts:
Mackenzie was the oldest of the grandchildren and the apple of grandma and grandpa’s eye.  Her mother and Ma ckenzie lived with grandma and grandpa for the first few years of Mackenzies life.  She had a sister, and cousins a “real” family that loved her. That little girl had an amazing smile and personality.  She brought a smile to many people.  Loved to snuggle with her grandma, help with cooking and baking, and was a pure pleasure to have around.  
I was at the park near the street she was killed on the night of the candle light vigil.  Her aunt, who was overcome with grief collapsed on the grass, her great grandma in her wheel chair was having a hard time controlling herself, her grandma and grandpa were in shock and although grandma tried her best  to talk to all the people who gathered, it was too hard for her to speak, grandpa walked around in shock. He had lost his best friend, his Mackadoodle., her sister and cousins wondered why all the grown people were so sad.  I dont know what was harder that night, sseeing her family in such pain or seeing the outlines in the street from all the body parts Macezie had lost.
The night we put together picture poster boards was one I will not forget.  We had bouts of crying, we had periods of just staring into space wondering why this had happened, trying to let it sink in that this was real and listening to her aunt try to explain to Mackenzies sister and cousin that  Mackenzie lived in heaven now and if they looked for the brightest star, that was Mackenzie watching them . That was the best way to explain a senseless death to two and four year old children.
The family had a viewing of Mackenzie done privately.  That was so hard for them.  In order for Mackenzie to fit into her prettiest dress. They had to stuff her sleeves and tights with tissue paper because her arms and legs were either missing, or so badly mangled nothing else would work.  Her face was almost unrecognizable.  But the family needed closure and to make the final identification.
Mackenzie is very much in her families memory.  I have held Chris (grandma) in my arms while she cried, I have watched her eyes fill with tears  watching children play, I have seen the pain in her aunts eyes, I have seen them break down at just the thought or mention of her name.  I have seen grandma walk out of a room in my home because  a picture of my daughter reminded her to much of Mac.  She is not the carefree woman she used to be, when Mackenzie left, she took a piece of all of them with her.
What is the reason for all this pain?  Jose Rodriguez is the reason.  An illegal immigrant who was deported just four months before he killed a precious little girl.  Why did he sneak back in?  Maybe he knew he could obtain a job illegally and work for a dollar or two.  Why did the company hire him?  Cheap labor.  Why give a man with as bad of a driving record as he had control of a dump truck?  I have no answer for that.  
It makes me angry that the media always mentions that  Jose Rodriguez stayed at the scene.  He had no choice.  He got out of the truck and left it running, stood around for a minute and when he thought no one was watching he tried to sneak in the passenger door.  A witness who’s wife called out to him reached in the drivers door turned of the engine and threw the keys as far as he could into the park.  He didn’t have a choice but to stay after that.
I am appalled that he received such a short sentence for killing a beautiful little girl, injuring her pregnant mother, and making a wonderful family go through this hell.  If he would have stayed where he belonged, or tried to get into this country legally maybe none of this would have happened.
Mackenzie has been gone eight months.  The length of the sentence this murderer received.  The family had to spend what would have been her  7th birthday mourning when they should have been celebrating, her and grandmas favorite time ot the year-the 4th of July was spent with Grandma staying indoors, the state fair was another special time for them, Chris did not go this year, Christmas, Mackenzies favorite time of year was spent with a dark cloud hanging over them.  Mackenzie now has a baby sister named Star Saphire.  For the stae that Mac smiles down from, and Saphire for the bithstone of Mac’s. 
Now that poor family has to pay taxes to keep Rodriguez fed and housed in jail, we all do.  And what about his 2nd deportation when will that happen and how do we prevent him from coming back a third time?   What about the company that hired him, sure they will have to pay but they should have to do more than that.
Is there some way that this could have been prevented in the first place? Most likely. U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement deported him in February 2008. Obviously that lasted a long time. He has also been convicted and served time in jail for DUI and has been found guilty of speeding, a traffic sign violation and accidents causing property damage. A question I haven’t been able to find an answer for yet is, did Jose Rodriguez have a driver’s license issued by the State of Wisconsin and if so, how the hell did he get it if he wasn’t here legally. If he didn’t have a license then how did he get all of the other traffic violations in the first place without getting deported. Another question I have is what has been done to the Waterproofing company out of Oak Creek that he worked for. Do they not check driver records for their dumptruck drivers? Obviously they don’t fill out a W-2 and I-9 like most employers in the United States. Personally I think the owner of the company should share a murder charge along with Rodriguez, but of course that would be racist, no wouldn’t it?
I am very interested in getting more information as to whether federal charges were ever filed against Rodriguez and if he is still in jail or been deported again, so if anyone has that, please feel free to comment or shoot me an email.
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