Justin Hanson Played the Organ

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From my own experience living their in the summers when I was a teenager, there just isn’t a hell of a lot to do in Land O’Lakes, Florida on a Thursday afternoon or any other time for that matter. 18-year-old Justin C. Hanson found a way to pass the time though. He plays an instrument. His instrument. His organ to be exact. If I need to get any more specific than that you probably aren’t old enough to be hanging out here.
That in itself is no big deal. Hey, I was 18 once. What the heck do you do when you’re and 18 -year-old boy aside from chasing skirts and playing pocket pool? The problem with Justin is that he likes to take his pocket rocket out of his pocket and play with it in the park, thus exposing himself to innocent passers-by. That would be illegal in most places.
When the woman who saw him called the police they came out and searched for him. Pasco County, Florida Deputies found him hiding behind a house near the park. Apparently Justin has quite a history of indecent exposure and the officer felt that he presented a danger to the community. He’s currently locked up in the Land O’Lakes jail on $150 bond.
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