Update – A trial date has been set and I’ve had a couple of comments the last few days so I thought it was time to update this post. The update is at the bottom of the post.
I guess my son must have missed it during his high school years but it must be pretty hard to be a teenager these days Just take a look at 16-year-old Lauryn Louise Last (MySpace) from Port Angeles, Washington for example. What to do on a busy New Year’s Eve… Burn some meth, drown the baby, throw him in the garbage, dodge the gun-totin’ meth-head father go get high again. Actually I don’t really know if she was high or not but it certainly helps me feel better to think that she was high rather than just committing the heinous cold-blooded act when she was sober.
I’m still not clear on how Law Enforcement got the information that led them to the Last household but am going on the assumption that somebody phoned in a tip to them.
The authorities are claiming that Lauryn Last “put her baby face down into a toilet and allowed it to drown for several minutes until it died. Then she threw her son into a trash can outside in a plastic garbage bag” according to an affidavit filed on Monday.
After combing through 60 tons of trash at a dump near Tacoma police found the body of the baby.

Law Enforcement still has to do some DNA testing so they won’t be able to confirm it’s parentage for a month or maybe even longer.

Judging from the photo of Lauryn she’s definitely no stranger to a bit of partying. I guess a kid could tend to get in the way and rather than giving him up for adoption she decided it would just be easier to kill the child. She’s obviously familiar with criminals since her loving father is one. Police arrested him in relation to the crime as well. In addition to being charged with Concealing a birth (a misdemeanor) he was also charged with being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm as well as Possession of Methamphetamine, both felonies. 
41-year-old Ronald Last, Jr has a long court record in Washington that stretches back to 1985. Nothing like keeping it in the family.
Lauryn is being held on $500,000 bail and is being charged as an adult with first-degree murder.
Updated February 5th. 
Don’t know if it’s still on or not but Lauryn is supposed to be having a status hearing tomorrow and the trial has been set to begin on March 5th. Her defense attorney entered a not guilty plea during and arraignment in the Clallam County Superior Court last month.
According to her attorney Lauryn didn’t know she was in labor and went into shock after giving birth on a toilet.
Police in Pueblo, Colorado requested some unnamed articles from the home. Apparently they are investigating the fact that Lauryn was allegedly pregnant by a 30-ish-year-old man in Colorado.
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