Updated – I try and keep these updated when I get the chance in order to make sure that I have the correct information posted. In the case of Louis Leddick, he had his fair trial and after an hour and seven minnutes the jury found Leddick guilt of all the charges leveled against him including predatory sexual assault of a child. The rest of the update is at the end of the post.
Back toward the end of June or beginning of July Louis Leddick got out of the Watertown State Prison on parole where he was incarcerated for Grand Larceny. He served three years of a 3-7 sentence. He has no prior sex offenses nor did he give officials any reason to suspect he was anything other than your normal run-of-the-mill scumbag. 

Apparently this handsome specimen pictured above couldn’t get a piece of ass from any willing females (I wonder why with all that shit sticking out of his face?) so he decided to abduct and rape a seven-year-old girl, cause you know, it doesn’t get any fresher than that. umm, yuck.
The little girl and her five-year-old brother were staying with friends in Sauquoit (near Utica) on a visit and were playing in the backyard with Leddick who was also visiting. At some point, according to police, they left the property. The family friends started looking for Leddick and the two small children and about 7pm the boy came out of the woods and said that Leddick had told him to go.
In the meantime, three young men who had gone for a walk on a trail behind their house met up with Leddick and the girl. Leddick said he was walking with his daughter and needed directions to get out of the woods. They gave him directions and went on about their way. Later on they found out the little girl was missing and went back into the woods to look for the two after calling 911, calling her name. Thank goodness they did. She cried out for help and they found her pretty quickly. She was hurt, naked and crying. Leddick had his shirt off and ran away. Police captured him about four hours later after a manhunt through the woods.
If it had not been for the quick thinking of these guys there’s no telling what would have happened to the girl. Nevertheless she is probably scarred for life. Hell, just looking at the douchebag’s picture has scarred me and I haven’t actually had to be around him.
Police immediately arrested Leddick on a parole violation and have held him for the last two months on that violation. Back at the beginning of August he was required to take a DNA test in the investigation but at that time there had been no charges filed.
Fast forward to September 30th and I guess the police finally finished their investigation. Louis Leddick, Jr was arraigned in Oneida County Court on two charges of Predatory Sexual Assault against a Child, and counts of Rape, Criminal Sexual Act and Sexual Abuse. They should have charged him with Criminal Ugliness as well. If he’s convicted he’ll get anywhere from 25 to life. He should have been back in court yesterday (October 7th) but I haven’t heard any results from that yet. He has pleaded Not Guilty to all the counts so it may take a while for the trial. I found another story that says he’s not due back in court until October 17th to plea on the counts of Predatory Assault.
Update – The trial of Louis Leddick lasted five days and included testimony from the little girl that Louis raped and beat and just generally traumatized. His sentencing is going to be March 27th and he could face anywhere from 25 years in prison to life for his heinous crimes.
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