Melissa Calusinski Had a Bad Day

Melissa Calusinski

Melissa Calusinski worked as a teacher’s assistant at Minee Subee Child Care Center in  Lincolnshire, which is currently closed thanks to her. Back in January she was having problems with some of the children and lost her temper, killing one of them in the process.

When 16-month-old Benjamin Kingan died his parents and the police though that he had perhaps experienced a seizure or some type of congenital defect which led to his death. That is until the coroner called and said that Benjamin had been murdered. 
As I mentioned above, Melissa was having problems with some of the children. Around 3pm on the day that Benjamin died (January 15th) she picked him up and threw him onto the floor, where he crawled to a bouncy seat and died. She was mad because he was ‘making noise and stuff like that’. WTF?

This story is actually about a month old and several other sites have already covered it so why am I? Aside from the fact that I’m basically lazy and tired and just want to recycle the work that So Jaded has already done? 🙂 The Lake County Grand Jury indicted Melissa today on 14 counts of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery of a child for the murder of Benjamin Kingon. With some of the laws in Illinois they can come up with pretty creative ways to charge you several times for the same crime, I guess to get the job right…
Over at the Dreamin’ Demon they’ve linked to her MySpace page, which has been deleted now. She also goes by the screen name melclubbinchick86 over at Yahoo, although there isn’t any kind of information as to her personality there anymore. 
This chick is a sorry sack of shit and hopefully someone will forcefully slam her head on a concrete floor before she’s been in jail too terribly long.

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