Michael William Ellicot is a Wife-Beating Asshat


Yet another case of a domineering spouse equating love with control and beatings from what I can see.
Back toward the end of January Michael William Ellicott had his first appearance before a judge at a bond hearing in an extremely heinous case of domestic violence. Ellicott’s wife finally fled the family home on January 20th because she was afraid that if she didn’t she was going to die. Prior to that she was afraid to leave because 48-year-old Ellicott had allegedly told her he would kill her if she reported his abuse to police.
At the time of his first appearance he was denied bond until a Magistrate court could review the case, which it did so this past Tuesday.

A Probable Cause hearing was held at the Fayette County Magistrate Court on Tuesday and bond has again been denied until a grand jury can convene and officially indict Ellicott, which will most likely happen in March.

The abuse which had been ongoing according to police reports as well as from a commenter at an airline pilots forum who allegedly knows the family culminated on January 20th with Ellicott taking his wife into the basement of their home and striking his wife multiple times with drumsticks, punching and kicking her. She was bruised, had her wrist broken and a toe as well. Reportedly during the beating Michael Ellicott paused abusing his wife long enough to take a phone call from one of his colleagues at Delta. Her other wrist had been broken during a beating a couple of weeks prior to January 20th.
Michael William Ellicott has been charged with Rape, three counts of agrgavated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and two counts of cruelty to children because the couple’s two children were at home at the time of the beating. In addition to being denied bond Ellicott cannot have any contact with the family, which includes no phone calls.
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