More Connections in the Caylee Anthony Disappearance


The Florida State Attorney’s Office released more discovery documentation earlier this week. In itself the information might be considered circumstantial but as more and more evidence is released it points to the only available conclusion.

Among the evidence released to the defense and the media is documentation which shows that the same type of laundry bag and plastic bag found at the crime scene were also found at the Anthony home where Caylee and her mother Casey Anthony lived. The duct tape found over the mouth of Caylee Anthony’s skull also matches that of duct tape stuck on a gas can at the Anthony home. It’s unknown (to me at least) if this is one of the “missing” gas cans.
If you want to read the entirety of the discovery documentation it can be found here at the Orlando Sentinel. Witness information and the FBI fingerprint report is also available at the Sentinel as well as new photos which the prosecutor has released.
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