No Progress in the Haleigh Cummings Search

The search for Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings continued throughout the day today and no visible progress was made, although every place that they search clears that area. The police are still saying that they are optimistic and they are going to continue looking for Haleigh. Over 17 different law enforcement agencies as well as 250+ volunteers continued looking for the little girl, focusing on an area near the St. Johns River Club Adult Community which is across the street from the neighborhood where the Cummings reside.

One thing that was mentioned at a press release earlier today is that the items of interest I mentioned in my last Haleigh post turned out to be nothing relevant to the investigation.
Nobody in the immediate family spoke with the media today but Marie Griffis, the maternal grandmother did apologize for criticizing Cummings and Croslin and putting media suspicion onto Misty Croslin. As I’ve mentioned previously I personally I think the suspicion was already there but Griffis just gave it a bit of focus.
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