Santos Garcia-Ponce Commited Assault with a Deadly Pickle

Santos Garcia-Ponce dropped by the Food Max store on Wednesday night to cash in a winning $30 lottery ticket. The problem is that the ticket had already been paid out. You can’t get winnings from the same ticket twice. Apparently Santos wasn’t very happy with the news. He threw a jar of pickles at the clerk and grabbed a belt off of a display and ran around the counter swinging it at the clerk.
Garcia-Ponce then tried to get into the cash register, which was locked and while he was busy the clerk was busy as well, calling 911. When a deputy got there Garcia-Ponce came from behind the counter and demanded that he be given his money.
As the deputy was taking Santos Garcia-Ponce into custody he punched the deputy in the face. Not a real smart thing to do. He’s currently been charged with robbery and battery on a law enforcement officer and his bail has been set at $15,000 but he also has an ICE hold and is pending review by federal immigration authorities.
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