What Do You Need?…

Someone on Facebook sent me this meme earlier and I thought it was good blog fodder, particularly since I haven’t posted here in days and really don’t have anything to say. I could always blog about the fucking retards that work for me but that’s old. Maybe tomorrow.
Anyway, here’s how it works. Google “Your Name” Needs and see what the first ten results are and post them. I’m leaving out stuff like Facebook and Linked-In which always show up in the top ten, and just posting the good ones. Then you are supposed to tag ten people. Fuck if I will though. I hate being tagged because then I always feel like I’m letting someone down if I don’t have the time or inclination to follow through with whatever the hell it is that they are sending my may. I’ve got about five of those in draft here and at Facebook right now.
Ok, on with the list.
Richard Needs:
…to go to beauty school
…your votes
…a jew video by Master of Disaster
…a nick name
hehehe, and last but certainly not least…GOATS
Hell, we all need a good goat-fuck every now and then.

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