17-Year-Old Tim Kretschmer Kills 15 at German School

It’s been all over the news this morning. We’ve had another mass slaying at a school, this time in Germany. A former student at the Albertville-Realschule in Winnenden, Germany, Tim Kretschmer showed up in what Reuters is reporting as black combat gear around 9:30 AM local time (around 3:30 here) and began firing indiscriminately at the students with a semi-automatic pistol. He killed a total of nine students and three teachers at the school and another at a nearby clinic before fleeing the area in a car with a hostage. Police followed him to a car dealership about 20 miles away where he shot and killed two more innocent bystanders and injured two police officers seriously before being killed himself. He was on the loose for three and a half hours before being shot (Police haven’t said if they killed him or if he commited suicide) so it’s entirely possible there are other victims that haven’t been reported yet. CNN had a report on this morning with a neighbor of Tim Kretschmer.

A map of the area where the initial shootings took place is below. Apparently Tim Kretschmer had several online profiles including MySpace and Facebook, both of which have been deleted, although you can get to the cached version of his “Tikeyrap” MySpace page here. Anything he may have had there has been removed though.

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