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    Back in 1998 14-year-old Stephanie Condon disappeared in Myrtle Creek, Oregon while she was babysitting. All along detectives have believed that she was taken and the investigation focused mainly as a homicide case. Her family and friends were devastated by Stephanie’s disappearance and now they are one tiny step toward finding out what happened.

    Earlier this month skeletal remains were found by a man walking his dogs near Little River road in Glide, Oregon. You can see by the map below that Glide is about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Creek.

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    The police were called in and over a week’s time the Stephanie Condon Task Force recovered the remains off the private property they were located on. The were sent to the state crime lab to be examined. This morning Douglas County deputies announced that the remains had positively been identified as Stephanie Condon. They still don’t have a cause of death in the case and although they plan to continue examining the skeleton it’s unlikely that they will be able to find out exactly how Stephanie perished. Police are still hopeful though that this is just one step closer to apprehending the scumbag that took Stephanie Condon.

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