Fucking Headache…

This must be the year to replace appliances. “They” say that the average lifespan of appliances is usually about ten years, give or take. Hell, we’ve had our washer for fifteen years or so and think the dryer is at least twenty but my kitchen stuff, now that’s an entirely different ballgame. I think the kitchen is telling me not to be foolish with my money or something 🙂
Earlier this year I went ahead and made reservations for the happiest place on earth (whatever). We’re taking the girls to Disney for spring break but I talked them all into camping there at Fort Wilderness. It’s right in the middle of the resort, closest to the Magic Kingdom. By camping I figure I’m saving about a grand or thereabouts. So the week I made the reservations and paid for the trip (still a couple grand) my fucking stove/oven bit the dust. While I suppose we could could everything on the stove or microwave (because I am cheap as hell when it comes to stuff like that) I do like to occasionally bake as does the wife. So I bought an oven online. It’s nothing major. While I looked at several higher end models, we are somewhat limited in space and I will have to replace that section of cabinets for anything nicer and bigger.
Flash forward to February. I’ve known for quite some time that my PC is dying. In order to combat that I do what all good IT guys do, I NEVER turn the fucker off. My hard drive was going bad and apparently one of my two power supply fans was going bad. I do back up all my stuff online so that wasn’t a big issue but when it finally died I went ahead and bought a new laptop, which is really nice to have. Now that I’ve used it for a while I don’t know how I went so long without one.
So this past week I set aside a bunch of money for the trip so that I wouldn’t touch anything else. While our accommodations and meals and tickets are all paid for, we always spend a bit of money while there. It just can’t be avoided. I’ll still be able to do it but I will end up putting it on one of my credit cards instead, which I just hate. I much prefer to only spend cash I have on hand (in my regular checking account). Paying interest on lifestyle debt is just fucking stupid. Guess I’ll have to anyway because my refrigerator died just this past week. Doh! We’ve been in this house almost a decade now so it’s time to be replacing stuff but the fucker could have at least waited a few more months.
I didn’t get off of work until seven last night and went straight to Home Depot and picked out frig. As with the stove I just stayed in the medium range. I did make a couple of upgrades that we’ve been wanting though. All black, side by side freezer and refrigerator along with ice and water dispenser on the door. That will damn sure be cool. They are supposed to deliver it sometime on Wednesday. For the time being I have all the freezer stuff in the basement freezer and my refrigerated items in coolers. Kind of a pain in the ass and I ended up throwing out a bunch of food when it first died but it’s worked out OK. I wouldn’t want to live out of coolers for long though.
After picking out the refrigerator I stopped and picked up some chicken from a fast food place and finally managed to get home a couple of minutes prior to nine last night. That’s two days in a row I haven’t gotten home from work until after nine. As I was pulling into my driveway the store I was running yesterday called (well, actually one of the employees did) to tell me they were out of something. Fuck. My head was already pounding as it was. I brought the food inside, told them I was going back to work and headed out. I finally managed to get home around ten last night. My head was pounding and I was pretty much a zombie for the rest of the evening.
That hasn’t changed today. I am fucking exhausted and ready for my vacation. Four more days…

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