Jean McCullugh: Drunk Bitch Runs From Police With a Kid in the Car


Tuesday morning around 2:30 AM Yavapai County Detectives were traveling through Prescott Valley, Arizona minding their own business when they noticed the car driven by 27-year-old Rhonda Jean McCullugh traveling at high speed straight toward them as they crested a hill. The officers put on their emergency lights and then ended up swerving in order to try and avoid a collision. She rammed into the left side of the police car anyway and kept on going.

The deputies gave pursuit as she increased her speed and ran a red light. She drove over a culvert and finally ended up stopping in someone’s front yard mere feet from their house. When the officers removed McCullugh from the vehicle they immediately smelled alcohol and a breathalizer was given at the Yavapai County Jail conveniently located there in Prescott. She tested at .25% which i about three times the legal limit in Arizona. On top of it all she had her seven-year-old in the back seat. Way to go Jean! McCullugh has been charged with DUI, Extreme DUI, 3 counts of Endangerment (for her daughter and the two deputies), Child Abuse, Criminal Damage, Fleeing a Law Enforcement Vehicle and Reckless Driving. She’s being held on $5,000 bond.

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