Thomas Martinez Couldn't Remember…

…and neither could his girlfriend.


This Tuesday evening an employee at a Domino’s Pizza in Hudson, Florida saw Thomas Martinez beating up his girlfriend in the parking lot. When he went outside to see what was happening he saw the girl on the ground with Martinez standing over her. Since Martinez just wanted to beat up his girlfriend and not actually tackle anyone that might fight back this responsible member of society hopped on his bicycle and made his getaway with his girlfriend right behind him on her bike. I guess I shouldn’t make too much fun as I did yard work for a living as a teenager as well.

Anyway, the cook at the Domino’s went back inside after they had made their high speed getaway and he called 911. A Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy responded and after speaking to the Domino’s employee he went looking for Martinez. He figured (rightly so) that they couldn’t have made it too far.

When the deputy found 22-year-old Thomas Martinez and 26-year-old Jessica Molden he stopped them for questioning. Jessica told the officer that their argument was verbal, never physical. I guess getting hit and falling down in a parking lot isn’t considered getting physical. I would hate to know exactly what she considers getting beat up.


When the deputy questioned Martinez he admitted to hitting Molden. He told the officer that they had ridden their bikes home from a bar (I wonder if the bar has a bike rack out front?) and started arguing, which is when they stopped in the Domino’s parking lot. Martinez admitted to hitting Molden in the face but he said he couldn’t remember what he hit her with. Apparently during the argument he had thrown his beer at her (must have a beer can holder on the handlebars) as well as her purse and it could have been either of them…or his fist. He really wasn’t sure.

One person who WAS sure was the Pasco County Deputy who kindly gave Thomas Martinez a ride in his police car, thus savaing him from having to ride his bike to the Pasco County Jail in Land O’Lakes where he was held overnight Domestic Battery. He was released today around 4:30 PM

Thomas does have a MySpace page and it is just as I would expect (photo from his account above). No blog posts and his little blurb under his name is “Smoke Up” accompanied by pictures of marijuana leaves throughout.

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