Updated – Cesar Laurean Back in U.S. By The End Of The Week

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UpdatedCesar Laurean to be back in the U.S. this week. According to several reports I’ve read Cesar Laurean is expected to be in Houston, Texas by the end of the week. Once he arrives there he will be transferred into Federal custody and then finally transferred back to the Onslow County Jail in Jacksonville, North Carolina where he will face murder charges.

Cesar Laurean, the U.S. Marine accused of killing another Marine back in December of 2007 fled to Mexico earlier this year and was eventually captured by Mexican authorities and has been sitting in jail since. A Mexican court agreed to extradition earlier this year but now he is appealing it based upon the notion that North Carolina’s life without parole sentence for first-degree murder is barred under Mexican law.

If the extradition is overturned it is entirely possible that Laurean could be a free man in Mexico. The argument has been used unsuccessfully in the past but the court might just side with him particularly since immigration from Mexico is such a big deal at this time.
Laurean killed pregnant marine Maria Lauterbach and then burned her and her unborn baby in a pit in his back yard, then tried to cover it up. He was already under investigation by the U.S. Marine Corps for the rape of Lauterbach and was possibly the father. Some folks, including Lauterbach’s family, think that the Marines didn’t do enough to protect Lauterbach after she complained about the incident.

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