Derrick Curry Got All Stabby…With Himself

43-Year-Old Derrick Keith Curry stabbed himself to death at a home in the Orlando area after having gotten into a dispute with his ex-girlfriend. Curry died at the scene despite attempts by EMTs to save him.

According to the Orlando Police Department Curry’s ex-girlfriend kicked him out of the house about a week and a half ago but he showed back up at her house this morning and got into an altercation with her. Police say that she suffered minor injuries but managed to run away from the house to call 911.

After his girlfriend left Derrick Curry went to the next door neighbor’s house, threw a brick through the window, crawled into the house and got into it with the man, whose two young children were at home at the time. Curry apparently had a knife with him as well and attempted to stab the man. The two men fought and then Curry started to stab himself.

By the time police arrived Curry was leaning against the side of the door and collapsed. They haven’t released an official cause of death yet but I am assuming it will be from blood loss as well as other injuries sustained from the stabbing.

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