He Used to Love Her…


Don’t play the audio if you find yourself easily offended. DON’T say I didn’t warn you.

Back in 1996 Kenneth Ray Mcbride of 2679 Myrtle Street in Middleburg, Florida (near Jacksonville) was convicted of Attempted Sexual Battery of a child under 12 in Clay County Florida. It doesn’t look like he served much time because in 1999 he was charged with misdemeanor battery – touching or strking as well as stalking and then in 2005 he was arrested for failure to comply with sexual predator requirements. Other details from his resume include attempted burglary and several traffic citations dating back to the early nineties. Overall he just seems to be a creepy fucker which I am sure his girlfriend Roberta Laws figured out. Strike that and make it ex-girlfriend. Mcbride is such a stand-up guy that he traded in Roberta, in her 40’s, for a younger model, but he chose to do it the hard way. He killed Roberta and buried her in his back yard.

Kenneth Mcbride’s 24-year-old current girlfriend either found out about or already knew that he had killed Roberta, but he allegedly threatened to kill her as well if she told anyone about the murder. She eventually managed to escape from the house and caught a ride to the next county where she was able tol fill in the police on the details of the heinous crime.

On February 23rd Kenneth Ray Mcbride dug a hold in his back yard. I don’t yet know the actual cause of death but Mcbride buried his girlfriend in the hole on the 24th and then covered it up with boards and other trash. Laws was never reported missing and if it weren’t for the fact that Mcbride’s girlfriend had the guts to go to police they might never have caught Mcbride.

It gets even more sickening though. In order to get rid of any other evidence he donated all of Laws belongings to the Salvation Army including the wheelchair she had been confined to due to her Cerebral Palsy. I don’t know what else to say about Kenneth Ray Mcbride other than…damn.

Mcbride has an arraignment date set for April 15th so I may have more information on the case by then.

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