Jacqueline Fielding (whose MySpace is still online but set to private now) had her sentencing on Friday and Judge Bradley Boeckman bascially slapped all of the jurors in the face by giving Fielding 180 days in jail. He made the comment that Fielding seemed unwilling to accept responsibility. WTF? Six months for raping a child? I wish I could say it was only in California but unfortunately sentencing for female sex offenders everywhere is usually much lighter than their male scumbag counterparts.

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Back toward the end of 2007 Jacquelynn Faye Fielding, then 21, was busy meeting up with a 14-year-old boy to have sex. They slept together at one of his friends’ house as well as at a go-cart track. Fielding and the child used MySpace in order to factilitate their communications and quite a few of their online communications revolved around sex as well.

Last week a jury convicted Jacquelynn Fielding of unlawful sex with a minor under the age of 16. She was also convicted of annoying or molesting a child and furnishing alcohol to a minor. In all she is going to face up to four years in prison when she has her sentencing on May 29th. Jacquelynn still has her MySpace account here but as she is now a convicted child molester I’m sure it won’t be up for long.

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