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The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office arrested 31-year-old Justin Bret Blackledge (http://www.myspace.com/savagemonkeyrock) late Monday night after an exhaustive investigation conducted by the Oregon City police department.

Apparently word got to the police from the girl’s family that this sorry piece of dirt was using the Internet to pimp out a 16-year-old girl. The were informed that he had uploaded sexually explicit photos of the girl engaging in sexual activity to an internet escort site. The ad included contact information and a price list of sexual services the girl would provide.I haven’t found the site yet, not even an archived version, but I suppose that doesn’t matter. Apparently Blackledge is a friend of the family and their daughter was staying with him (that’s sort of creepy) last year.

Anyway, the Oregon Police Department executed a search warrant back in December of 2008 on Justin Blackledge’s house at 129 Morton Road in Oregon City and as a result turned up evidence that Blackledge had a sexual relationship with the girl and was the go-between between the victim and clients. The meetings took place in Beaverton, OR as well as other places in the Portland area between June of 2007 and September of 2008.

The photo below is from Justin’s Classmates.Com profile.

Justin Blackledge, photo from Classmates.ComOne thing that I found interesting (and sort of scary) is that Justin’s last login to his MySpace account was on Monday the 27th, it’s set to private but shows his mood as ‘focused’ and his status is ‘Justin is Planning’. Planning what I wonder? If it was his disappearance he was just a bit too late for that. He is currently in the Clackamas County Jail on one charge of Compelling Prostitution, three counts of using a child in a sex display, six counts of encouraging the sexual abuse of a child and five counts of sexual abuse. All total his bond is currently set at $250,000. He had his arraignment on Tuesday and when this finally gets to court if he is convicted he will get mandatory jail time.

Blackledge does have several other profiles online (his Facebook, also private) as well as his own website, http://www.savagemonkeyrock.com and a Blogspot page as well (hasn’t been updated since 2006). He also has a profile at Editred under the pseudonym Clockworkjuice. Both sites include assorted writings and poetry by Justin. According to Justin “I am currently writing a fictional book about the possibilities and
singularities our world faces. I would love any constructive feedback
or support as I test my ideas out. I will gladly comment on your work
as well. I’m very happy to see a site like this on the web, and it’s
great to be part of it.

It doesn’t look like he’s uploaded anything to Editred since 2006. I guess pimping out children takes up quite a bit of free time. Here’s a bit of his poetry, one called Salvation:

i’ve seen more damnation
from diamonds than death
more souls saved
from service than preaching

fates made ghastly
by gold not brimstone
lives become real
by spirit not bone

Justin is also working on a novel called Savage Monkey Rock (thus the website). This is from the prologue:

Singularity and unity. A postive utopia stretched across a vast planet.
Our planet. Humans linked into an amazing network of their own
creation. And they felt their Creator looked upon the technology as a
very good thing. They had seen movies with evil robots and negative
artificial intelligences, and feared the winds of change amongst their
own people. But this was progress…. and a tremendous wave of future
things to come. The mind proved to be a limitless dimension of their
own device… giving way to peace and harmony worldwide. Through this
innovation, famine and illness were abolished. Hatred amongst them torn
asunder. There was room for the individual as well as the collective.
They feared their very identity had been robbed from them like a thief
in the night. But in finding themselves and that which Created them, in
embracing science rather than fearing their very identity had been
robbed from like a thief in the night. But in finding themselves and
that which Created them, in embracing science rather than fearing the
shift… they found their greatest triumph.

His website has two pages that look like they were set up for other people but not used yet, a few of his poems, and a section for his novel. Still just the prologue and outline so I don’t guess he’s worked on it much since he posted it at Editred. He should have plenty of time to finish it now.

Justin has a profile at the Hero of Humanity Law of Attraction Group in Portland (whatever that is) as well as the Movies in Portland meetup group, Portland Freedom Club, Meditation For Mastery and Portland Tantric Meetup Group. Kind of makes you wonder if he was using some of these to find potential clients. He was certainly busy online in 2006. One profile that looks as if it was never updated is over at Care2, a web site for different causes.

The Oregon City Police are still investigating this and anyone with information is asked to call them at 503-657-4964. I am also interested in getting more info on this perp, you may email me at rm_blogger@yahoo.com and can stay anonymous.


So I’ve done a little checking on some of the things that have been presented in the comments about Blackledge being mentally disturbed and it’s quite possible that it is true. The apartment complex he lives at is called Fisher Ridge Apartments which is a 19-unit complex for the ‘disabled’. They are rented through Housing Connections, which is a HUD site.

So that brings me to a couple of other questions. Some folks have remarked that Justin is mentally disturbed, one says he is severely mentally ill and has taken his delusions too far. Allegedly he has been hospitalized more than once for his illness and he either doesn’t take or abuses his medication. If he’s that bad off, then why is he outside of the hospital?

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