I have updated this post several times since I originally put it up at the beginning of October 2008. The latest update is at the bottom of the post.


…at least according to his MySpace page he thinks he is. His URL is probably closer to the truth. Bignastybastard1.

Last Update – I’ve updated this again at the bottom of the post. BOTH Joy Kinsman and Michael Turski have been found guilty.Thanks for the update Missy.

Update #2 (October 21st) – Michael Turski was indicted on the 17th of October with another charge of Child Endangerment. This charge is a felony and will bring much more time, although it’s only a maximum sentence of eight years. Seems that Mr Turski was the one inflicting the majority of the abuse on Arian Guerrero. Thanks for the update on this case Jake.

Update – A Grand Jury has indicted both Michael Turski and Joy Kinsman. The rest of the update is at the bottom of the post.
According to the Toledo Blade Joy Kinsman, 21 and Michael Turski, Jr, 20 were both arrested yesterday and accused of injuring Kinsman’s 11-month-old daughter. She took her daughter to the hospital Saturday night because she was having trouble breathing. Turns out that she suffered head trauma, had bruising on her forehead, back and hips and had an older cut above her right eye. The police say that the child abuse took place over a period of time.

Michael Turski, who is not the father was arrested around 6am yesterday morning at his residence in West Toledo. Hopefully he wasn’t posing naked in front of the mirror for his mug shots as he was for the ones on his MySpace page. Vin Diesel my fucking ass.

Joy Kinsman turned herself in at the county jail yesterday afternoon after she found out that Toledo Police had issued an arrest warrant for her.
Here’s the story from the Toledo Blade:

A West Toledo woman and her boyfriend were arrested yesterday after they were accused of severely injuring an 11-month-old girl, authorities said.

Joy Kinsman, 21, of 4515 Eastway St., #1, and Michael Turski, Jr., 20, of the same address, were each charged with felony child endangering.

They were being held without bond last night in the Lucas County jail pending their arraignments today in Toledo Municipal Court, authorities said.

Mr. Turski, who is not the father of the child, was arrested about 6 a.m. yesterday at his West Toledo residence.

Ms. Kinsman turned herself in at the county jail about 2:15 p.m., several hours after Toledo police issued an arrest warrant for her.

Ms. Kinsman took her daughter, Ariana Guerrero, to Toledo Hospital about 11 p.m. Saturday because she was having difficulty breathing.

The girl, who was listed in stable condition last night, also suffered severe head trauma, and bruising on her forehead, back, and hips, and had an older cut above her right eye. Police said the abuse appears to have taken place over a period of time.

According to court documents, “the child suffered from nonaccidental injuries of multiple hematomas on the brain and retinal hemorrhaging.”

Michael’s blurb in his “Who I’d Like to Meet” on his MySpace page lists the following gem:

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Hopefully this ‘badass’ fill find some bubba in the penitentiary that will show him how they use their dicks. Looks like he and all his MySpace buddies all think they are Gangsta material judging from what they have posted. Most of his pics are pretty narcissistic and show him or his tattoos. 
Both Turski and Kinsman are supposed to be arraigned today in Toledo Municipal Court.
According to the Weekly Vice the baby had multiple broken bones, bleeding to the brain and hemorrhaging behind the eyes and that the baby had been repeatedly been kicked around like a “kick ball”
This just makes me want to go puke.
Update – I was out of town over the weekend or I might have updated this story a bit sooner but it was reported on October 10th that both Michael Turski and Joy Kinsman have been indicted by a Grand Jury on the charge of Endangering Children and are being held on $750,000 bond each.
He’s getting support from some of the retards that frequent his MySpace pages as well, although since the indictment nobody has stopped by to comment. Wonderfully written stuff such as “free ma nigga mikey” and “(FREE MY BROTHER) UPBOI TILL I DIE”. Real fucking intelligent. What the fuck is upboi anyway? Wanna be gangsta speak?

Updated March 14th 2009 – Joy Kinsman and Michael Turski, Jr., both 21, were each found guilty yesterday of their roles in failing to protect Kinsman’s then-10-month-old daughter. The two defendants, who were a couple at the time, entered separate pleas before Judge Denise Ann Dartt.

Kinsman pleaded guilty to attempted child endangering and faces up to 18 months in prison. Turski pleaded guilty to child endangering and faces up to five years. Both defendants will be sentenced April 13.

So much for all of Mike’s supporters crying foul and that ‘he could never do something like that’.

Updated April 14th 2009: In the comments below Jesse has linked to an article posted yesterday in the Toledo Blade concerning Michael Turski. The gist of it is that Turski has been sentenced to four years in prison for the felony of Child Endangerment and Joy Kinsman will be sentenced next Monday on a lesser charge. She is facing up to a year and a half in prison for her involvement.

Both Turski and Kinsman pleaded guilty to their charges and admitted that they neglected to seek medical help for the baby. The baby is currently in the custody of Joy Kinsman’s mother. Hopefully her time in prison will teach Kinsman a lesson so we don’t have to read about her here in a couple of years, but I certainly have my doubts.

On a brighter(?) note it seems that Turski has changed his title on his MySpace page from “Big Booty Daddy” to “The 3-Point Assassin”. bwahaha. His buddies on MySpace are already posting “Free Mikey” comments as well. Hey, dumbasses! Perhaps you fail to realize that he pleaded to the crime! It’s not as if a jury wrongfully found him guilty, he admitted his guilt.

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