Michelle Patrick Didn't Look Very Hard

So a local mother was arrested last week when her kid got out of their motel room and was running around with steak knives. What the hell was she doing that he three-year-old managed to get away and get out in the road in the first place? It’s not as if motel rooms are huge places to hide. The Hometown Lodge in VR is one of those pay by the week motels. Lots of drug activity in addition to plenty of other illegal shit.

From the story by Amanda Kramer with the Times-Georgian:

Villa Rica police charged a teenage
mother Monday after her 3-year-old son was allegedly saved by two
motorists who saw the toddler running toward traffic on Highway 61 in
Villa Rica carrying two steak knives.

Michelle Patrick, 19, of
Villa Rica, was arrested for reckless conduct when the two motorists
headed toward the Arby’s fast-food restaurant first saw the boy in the
McDonald’s parking lot at the same shopping center. He was walking
alone, carrying the two knives in his small hands around 9 p.m.,
according to Villa Rica Sgt. Brian Finley.

The two passersby
then got out of their vehicle and were able to stop the boy as he ran
from the parking lot towards the highway.

said the fast-thinking witnesses were able to grab the toddler before
calling 911. Police said the boy had managed to leave the room he was
staying at with his mother at the nearby Hometown Lodge.

When police arrived, Finley said Patrick was found standing in the doorway of her motel room looking for the child.

possible tragedy in this incident was avoided by the quick reactions of
the two motorists who located the child and held him until officers
arrived,” Finley said. “It was dark outside when the child started
running to the highway, and there was a good chance he could have been
run over or even abducted if the motorists had not seen him.”

Police said the boy was turned over to his father’s custody following the arrest of Patrick.

Michelle’s MySpace can be found here. It’s private and I’ve requested to be added as her friend so I can ask her a couple of questions but it’s not likely that will happen.
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