More Charges on the Way for Melissa Huckaby and Others?…


Back in January a child in the same mobile home park where Sandra Cantu and Melissa Huckaby lived disappeared when an unidentified woman took the seven-year-old girl to a park and drugged her. When the girl returned home her family took her to the hospital and muscle relaxers were indentified in her bloodstream.  The woman that took the girl drove a purple Kia Sportage, the same type of car that Melissa Huckaby drives. At the time a full investigation was supposedly done and no one was arrested. That case is being looked at again under a microscope as law enforcement is taking another look at Huckaby and her life over the last few years.

Huckaby may also be facing arson charges as well. In 2007 she was
considered a suspect in an arson case where two fires were lit at a
house in Southern California. Her roommate at the time was arrested in
the incident but when the second fire was lit while the woman was in
jail police dropped the charges against the woman. La Palma police are
now sharing information in that case with the Tracy Police Department.

Linda Loftus is the new presiding judge in the Huckaby case and on her
first day on the job she has already issued a gag order barring anyone
involved with the case from speaking to the media about it. The
original judge, Terrence Van Oss, recused himself this past Tuesday.

FBI is also investigating Lane Lawless. They have visited a church in
Washington State in regards to an abuse incident back in the

On April 15th the Folsom Police arrested a relative of Huckaby’s, Timothy John Lawless and charged him with several counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. He is being held at the Sacremoneto County Jail on $1 million bond. So was this related to the Sandra Cantu case or are there even more victims of what looks to be a pretty sick family?

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