Updated – Contrary to what the woman in my comments would have you believe about Morris Blue not being able to hurt anyone, he was convicted in 2005 of Cruelty to Children and served 11 months for that.

I don’t have a ton of details on this arrrest yet but as more information is released I’ll try and update this story.

28-year-old Morris Monroe Blue and the Cobb County Sheriff’s office are no strangers to each other. As a matter of fact, including his last arrest on Monday April 27th he has been arrested at least nine times since 2003 on charges ranging from probation violation and possession of marijuana to terroristic threats, battery and now finally murder. What a surprise, another dope head and possible gang member that killed someone. Only this ‘big’ man allegedly killed a child, his six-week-old son.

911 was called on Sunday to report that the six-week-old boy was unresponsive after having been put to bed according to police reports. EMTs rushed the baby to Wellstar Cobb Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The heavily tattooed Morris Blue has been charged with felony murder and a couple of counts of violation of probation and is sitting in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

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