65-Year-Old Sang K. Choi of Duluth, GA was arrested earlier today on charges of arson, reckless conduct and aggravated assault after he doused his wife with gasoline and tried to set her on fire. Now I know I’ve been pissed off before when the wife nagged at me or wouldn’t do something I thought she should but then again that’s all part of learning to deal with a relationship. I don’t reckon I’ve ever though about lighting her on fire for longer than a second or two…

According to WSB Choi had become enraged over marital problems he and his wife were having and when she wouldn’t make him lunch that just made the problem worse, which is when he lit her up. Their daughter called 911 and now Sang Choi is being held in the Gwinnet County jail with no bond (currently). According to the news site his wife is expected to be OK.

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