Today's News Roundup…AKA I am Lazy…

I’ve spent the majority of the day working out and then working in my yard, pulling weeds, cutting grass, replanting seedlings and just trying to get a bit of spring cleaning done. As I have not been post very much lately I thought I had at the very least offer up a few good links I’ve run across over the last couple of days when I haven’t been trolling at Facebook…

A former Hernando County Police Officer was arrested and charged with seven counts of felony identity theft after using a supervisor’s email address in an attempt at revenge.

22-year-old Phil Markoff has been charged with the murder of a 26-year-old woman, Julissa Brisman when he responded to a craigslist ad she posted. I ran across this one at CNN today, but read about Julissa’s murder first over at Trench Reynold’s Crime News. Steve Huff is also discussing the murder as well.

Five people were arrested in an investigation relating to illegal drug sales out of a Tobacco shop. The only reason I found this one of interest is because it’s a local story (Bowdon, GA). The link itself requires registration, if anyone is interested I can look into it a bit more and post it here later in the week.

Suprise, Surprise. Yet another convicted child offender has absconded with another child.

Police in Orlando, Florida have released the name of the dead teenager found on the side of the road yesterday as that of 17-year-old Kalvin Beazer.

I agree with Rob Taylor in that Pedophilia is NOT a sexual orientation.

Christopher Childers (with mug shot) of Loganville, GA got his ass semi-kicked by a couple of Hooter’s girls after he was lurking in one of their cars because they “seemed easy” Douchebag.

Natasha Brinkley is surely a psycho. No mug shot yet but go check it anyway and then stop by the Dreamin’ Demon forums for more up-to-date info.

That should be enough to keep you busy for the evening. I’ll try and get some news up in the morning if I manage to crawl my happy sack out of the bed on time. Have to be at work before 6 AM, so it’s about a 50/50 chance.

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