I’ve been outside working most of the day or most likely I would have posted this story that I came across at the Dreamin’ Demon earlier. Anyway, here’s the basics for ya’

17-year-old Brittanee Marie Drexel of Rochester, New York decided to go to Myrtle Beach, SC to stay with some friends of hers. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since Saturday and her family is extremely worried Her mom, Dawn Drexel, travelled to Myrtle Beach along with other family members and friends to look for her, They are handing out flyers and trying to get any kind of lead that they possibly can right now. Myrtle Beach Police have filed a missing person’s report and according to DD her infomation has also been entered into the National Crime Center database as well.

According to police the last time she contacted anyone from her family was about 8pm on Saturday evening and was supposedly the last time that the men she was with from Rochester saw her as well. Police say that the four men, Pete Bostwick, Phillip Watson, Matthew Abrams and Keith Cummings met her at the Club Kryptonite Friday night and then again at the Blue Water Resort shortly before lunch on Saturday. They met her in their hotel room Saturday night and it’s being reported that there was some kind of argument about a pair of shorts she was wearing. In addition, police are now saying that Peter Bostwick has been named a person of interest (bullshit speak for suspect) and that he has gotten a lawyer and is refusing to speak to law enforcement.

Brittanee was seen on Sunday as well at the Oceanfront Bar and Grill. Several of the wait staff have confirmed it was her, which would make that the last time anyone claims to hae seen the girl.

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