brandon vongthongthipUpdate III
It looks like Multnomah County has done away with several hundred charges and just left Vongthongthip being charged with 6 counts of sexual assault on an animal and bail around $15k. Someone in Gresham must have grown a brain. Honestly I think that’s more along the lines of what it should be. Don’t get me wrong, I think that what he has done is completely wrong, but it’s nowhere on the scale of murder or child molestation. The several hundred charges he was originally faced with were pretty much ridiculous.

Update II
I mentioned down later in this post that Brandon had been a Marine but since he was living at home with his mommy I assumed that he was out. Oh no. He’s active duty. Lance Cpl Brandon Vongthonthip is part of the 6th Engineer Batalltion out of Gresham, at least for now. As one of the commenters noted he will most likely be given an administrative simply because they have bigger fish to fry. It’s too costly and time-consuming to court martial the guy.

My father and my son as well as several blogger friends are Marines and this just completely disgusts me. Just like we hold police officers to a higher standard, I feel the same way about the Marine Corps. Hell, Marines hold themselves to a higher standard as well.

Thanks to the industrious folks over at the Dreamin’ Demon I’ve found more profiles and links to this dude’s debauchery. In addition to the profiles and email address I posted below he also uses on additional accounts. I’m still not 100% sure if that is an accurate email address yet. I know the Yahoo one below is though. That leads to, among other things, the forums. I didn’t bother browsing. He’s also got a Deviantart acount, which is sort of creepy. I’ve been using Deviantart for my Windowblinds and DesktopX skins for about eight or nine years now.

Original Entry
Gresham, Oregon police arrested 20-year-old Brandon M. Vongthingthip on Friday for having sex hundreds of times with his pit bull over the last four or five years. I guess if you can’t get a date, you get your date where you can. Ewww. Brandong is being held in the Multnomah County Jail on 200 counts of Aggravated Animal Abuse, 200 counts of Sexual Assault on an Animal and 6 counts of Animal Abuse II. His bail is currently set at $70,500. All I can really say is dayum.

Police were alerted to the abuse of the animal by an anonymous phone call to the Oregon Humane Society, who in turn called the Gresham police since Brandon lives there with his mother and her fiance.

During their investigation police found all kinds of photos on the Internet of Vongthongthip and his girlfriend Rocky, an eight-year-old red nose American Pit Bull, having sex. I wonder if it was all doggy style? That also leads to another question. Where exactly does one post pictures of themselves having sex with dogs?

Read on if you dare…

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Prior his arrest and during questioning Vongthongthip admitted to police that he had been having sex with his pit bull for several years and had also posted videos of it online. Detectives located the videos and watched them before arresting Brandon. According to the police Vongthongthip asked for advice on one forum on other ways to sexually abuse the dog. Makes you wonder if it still had teeth…

So this started out as just another post on just another run of the mill scumbag but then I started looking around to find out more information on Vongthongthip. One thing I found is that according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office AND every single one of the news stories I’ve read, his last name is Vongthongthrip, with an ‘R’ but on his MySpace page and every single reference to him prior to the crime there is no ‘R’. I also couldn’t find a single listing for a Vongthongthrip in Oregon either but there are quite a few with the way I have spelled it. I don’t know if this is an error on the part of the sheriff’s department that nobody in the media has caught onto yet or not. That’s pretty much the assumption I’m going on right now.

Speaking of Brandon’s MySpace, it used to be at but his last login was on March 21st of this year and the user profile has been deleted already, however you can get to the cached page here. There’s several interesting things I found about Brandon, not least of which he lists his employer as the United States Marine Corps. Since he lists Tactical Data Network Operator, 6th Engineer Battalion but is only 20 why isn’t he still in? Several of his MySpace friends are also Marines and according to an older Google link to his MySpace page it listed him as a Lance Corporal.

One other thing I found interesting is his profile name. Wildwulf. Brandon seems to be pretty infatuated with dogs. He uses Wildwulf several places on the net or his yahoo profile, which is also pooch related. There’s nothing really damning though, just creepy. The entire time I was researching Brandon I was extremely creeped out. He did post a comment on this creepy post at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex on this dog-pig-human looking thing that really struck me as well. It’s not really pertinant to this specific arrest but I think it shows a bit where Brandon’s mind was even three years ago. Looks like he does a lot of gaming too, mainly TF2 and Call of Duty, at least that’s the impression I got from some of the forums he’s posted on as well as this photobucket account that may be his. The sexually oriented cartoons he has posted at Rule34 probably creeped me out the most out of all of them though.

I posted a question at the top of the entry about where people would post nasty stuff like that online and after having searched I’ve found one here. I didn’t sign up for an account because I just wasn’t interested in the least at looking at some douchebag buttfucking his dog, but be warned that’s exactly what is posted there. The small portion of each post (text only) and the comments will give you a general idea of the depravity on the site though. Here’s a small sampling of some of the discussion going on at one of the other sites:

Posted by: WILDWULF Apr 2 2008, 12:59 AM

My boy Rocky loves to suck and lick, and when it involves a little bit of peanut butter, it drives him crazy!!
“Click on the Nice.rar to downoad the pics in the archive” 
Posted by: MoonDog Apr 2 2008, 04:24 PM

Wow, very nice indeed! You sure know how to call ’em Thanks for taking the time out of your fun to snap a few pictures,
It’s also nice to know I wasn’t the only one getting some doggy action in Portland last night 

Posted by: FactorX1X Apr 2 2008, 04:27 PM

ok,people,check the last photo,on the left from the dog… do you saw those drops? lol,that’s a good shot 
btw,thanks for them 

Posted by: ilikedogcock Apr 2 2008, 08:41 PM

mmmm that was hot 
some videos or more cock shots would be very hot and appreciated 

Posted by: WILDWULF Apr 2 2008, 11:42 PM

QUOTE (MoonDog @ Apr 2 2008, 04:24 PM)

Wow, very nice indeed! You sure know how to call ’em Thanks for taking the time out of your fun to snap a few pictures,
It’s also nice to know I wasn’t the only one getting some doggy action in Portland last night
Really? Portland huh? Very nice Thanks for the comment! 

Posted by: WILDWULF Apr 2 2008, 11:43 PM

QUOTE (FactorX1X @ Apr 2 2008, 04:27 PM)

ok,people,check the last photo,on the left from the dog… do you saw those drops? lol,that’s a good shot 
btw,thanks for them
HAHA XD Thanks much XP

Excuse me while I go puke for a while.

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