Final Update is at the bottom of the post. Decker has been sentenced.

Update III – I have posted this last update at the bottom of my original entry, simply because it is a bit lengthy. I will also have one last update to this story in July.

Update II – I’ve been pretty busy restoring my PC today or would have gotten the news up prior to this but some of the commenters have already posted the news anyway. Brandy Decker has been found guilty. Once I find out when her sentencing I’ll post another update. I also have a statement from the family that I will put here tomorrow as well.

Updated – As Jodi so aptly pointed out in the comments below, the charges against Brandy Decker, and anyone else I may post about here at Shadowscope, are all allegations and Brandy is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt in a court of law. Jodi also mentions that mentally Brandy is not mentally competent to be considered an adult, which may or may not be the case. She states that although Brandy is 21 mentally she is only around 8 or 11. My 6 and 11 year olds both know what is right and wrong as far as their body is concerned. If Brandy is mentally incompetent does that let her off the hook?

Jodi also mentioned that just because something was printed in the paper doesn’t make it the truth. That is also true. Just because you read it here also doesn’t make it true. What is true though is the fact that Brandy Decker HAS been arrested after a police investigation and she HAS been charged with two counts of sexual conduct with a child.

Original Post:
21-year-old Brandy Decker (MySpace)
was arrested a couple of days ago by the Port Jervis police (New York)
after a an investigation revealed that over the course of several
months she engaged in multiple sex acts including intercourse with a
10-year-old boy.
Decker has been charged with
two counts of sexual conduct against a child in the first degree and is
being held in the Orange County Jail on $50,000 bond.
interesting (but really of no concern to the police investigation) is
that on her MySpace page she has it listed that she’s in a
relationship, and the URL (Brandy Loves Jimmy) makes me wonder if Jimmy
is the ten-year-old or if it’s some dude that wasn’t aware of her
extracurricular activities.

May 6th 2009 – The Rest of the Story:

Brandy Decker was hired on by the family to help out with their four children. She received references from her teachers as well as other parents she had worked for prior to the victim’s family. With two parents working and four children they needed all the help they could get, particularly since their son has ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. My nephew has Asperger’s and even with full-time stay-at-home parents it can be quite a daunting challenge for them.

It started out like a dream for them. Brandy would show up for work on time so that the parents could leave for work, make sure there was nothing else the parents needed and look after things for them. Before long though, Brandy asked the family if she could move in with them, accusing her mother’s boyfriend of being abusive. It turns out that he was not at all abusive, just trying to get things under control with Brandy and her out of control siblings.

The family happily helped her out, turning the father’s office into a bedroom for Brandy. They treated her as one of their own, feeding and clothing Brandy, taking her along on family vacations, even supplying her with entertainment. When Brandy hurt her back, they took care of her and nursed her back to health. Everything started to change though after Brandy’s high school sweetheart Jimmy dumped her…

Brandy started staying out later and later with friends, sometimes not showing up for days even though she knew that she was responsible for the children so that the mother and father could go to work. This continued for a while and then they finally sat down to discuss it with Brandy. She told them that after her boyfriend left, she had just wanted to go out and party. Being understanding they settled on a schedule where Brandy would be able to go out on nights when the parents weren’t working. That didn’t last very long and the parents were starting to get very suspicious of Brandy’s behavior, wondering if she might be using drugs. When questioned about it the kids said that while they weren’t home Brandy would play on the computer or watch TV, so that alleviated some of their fears. Something still wasn’t right though, so they discussed putting in security cameras so that they could check up on things. Before they had the chance to do that things got ugly.

The week prior to Brandy’s leaving the mother told Brandy that she would be let go if it happened again. At one point in the week Brandy was watching the children while the parents were at home and she left their two-year-old daughter alone in the kitchen while she went outside to play with the other kids. The little girl started crying so when the father came out to see what was wrong and ask Brandy why she was crying Brandy started yelling at him and cursing him in front of the children. That’s when she was told to pack her stuff and get out of the house.

It wasn’t until a few months later when their son awoke from a nightmare that the truth came out though. It’s a bad feeling to think that you have failed to protect your children. As parents it is our job and our duty to look after our kids and when we fail to do so, even in a minor matter, our children begin to lose some of the trust they have built up in us. After his nightmare the boy told his father what had been done, and then again when they went to see the Port Jervis Police the next day to Detective Michael Worden. Brandy was arrested later that day. Once the detective questioned Brandy she admitted admitted everything including how she had forced him to engage in oral and anal sex.

Brandy Decker’s sentencing will be held on July 14th and I will post one final addendum to this story at that time.

Update IV – This will most likely be my last update on Brandy Decker.

Decker was sentenced on Tuesday to eight years in prison. In a statement from the family the boy’s grandmother said:

Brandy, your monstrous behavior has set into motion a cycle of pain that will be with our family the rest of our lives.

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