32-year-old Daryl Keon Jones was watching his three children and the 17-month-old daughter of his girlfriend Kim Hester last week while she was out of town. 911 was called on Thursday because the child wasn’t breathing and the toddler, Brianna Hester, was hospitalized. She died the next day from severe head trauma according to the GBI Crime Lab in Savannah, Georgia, which is where she had been airlifted to prior to her death.

Glynn County detectives conducted an investigation and they felt that enough information was brought to light that proved Jones was directly involved in the death of Brianna. Glyn County police arrested him Monday charging him with Murder and Cruelty to Children. His three children are currently under the supervision of DFACS.

Jonesey’s last login to MySpace was Saturday. His profile is set to private now.

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