Craigslist Hookers Busted in Kansas

Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore.


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Three young women from Texas, Autumn Shelton (MySpace and another and yet another), 28, Samantha Mason (MySpace), 19, and Natisha Escobar (MySpace), 19, decided to set up shop in Overland Park, KS and have been operating a mini-brothel out of the Red Roof Inn but using Craigslist and to advertise their services.

The management at the Red Roof Inn noticed people coming and going from the room at odd hours where these three ladies were staying and notified the local police department. After interviewing some of the folks that had been visiting the officers decided that they had probable cause and arrested the three.

According to Autumn’s MySpace page, which she hasn’t logged in to in two years, she is married with two children and at the time was living in Grand Prairies, TX. She has three MySpace profiles actually but the only one that is active is also set to private. Samantha also has a child. Makes you wonder where the hell their kids were and exactly what they plan on telling them.

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