I don’t know if they thought there was a chance Ramos would get off or not but the Orange County prosecutor offered Edwin Ramos a plea deal. Rather than face a jury trial for 1st degree murder he copped a plea to second-degree murder. That would leave the death penalty off the table and give him anywhere up to life in prison. Judge Walter Komanski took the prosecutor’s recommendation and gave him 30 years.

They also arranged a meeting between Ramos and Carmen Torres, Kenny’s mother because she really wanted to know if he was sorry. I don’t doubt at all that his remorse was sincere but that certainly doesn’t negate the need to punish him. While I am usually pretty hardcore about the death penalty, not everyone should be put to death and if Ramos is kept in jail for life I believe that justice will have been served.

Original Post from 9/11/2008
…but when it was a toddler he knew how to fix that situation.
Orlando, Florida police arrested Edwin Ramos Wednesday afternoon on charges of murder and aggravated child abuse.

Ramos’ was watching Kenny Torres, 21-months-old, while his mother was at work. Apparently Kenny tipped over a wastebasket of marijuana and spilled some of it and then did it again. Ramos said that the child was ‘seemingly taunting Ramos’ so he picked Kenny up by the throat and squeezed him until the boy’s face turned blue. He then threw the child repeatedly on to the bed. Must have been some pretty potent weed…

Little Kenny was hospitalized with retinal hemorrhaging a a bruise
on his forehead. He died this past Saturday. The autopsy concluded that
his death was homicide.

Currently Edwin Ramos is being held without bail at the Orange County jail.

It’s the stories about children that have no way to protect
themselves from scumbag fucks like this one that just really get to me.

There is also a pretty heated discussion going on at the Topix
forums right now involving some of the folks that have posted comments
here and what appears to be an ex-girlfriend as well. Go check it out if you have the time.

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