Former UGA Professor George Zinkhan's Jeep Found

George Martin Kinkhan III has (most likely) been on the run for the last week and investigators have now located his red jeep that he drove to the killing last Saturday.

The jeep was located last night in a heavily wooded area near Athens. The area was pretty remotely located and because of where it was found police think that he may have ditched it in an effort to throw law enforcement off his trail.

Originally I made the comment here that I figured the former UGA professor was either running or had killed himself but now I am leaning more toward the former. The entire thing just reeks of premeditation and the fact that he seems to have put a lot of thought into his getaway. 40+ police officers searched about a 200 acre area today and I would be really interested in what they have found, if anything. I’m not a gambling person but I would be willing to put a couple of bucks that he had another car waiting for him close by where the jeep was ditched in order to facilitate his getaway. Then again, I could have been right from the start and he might be lying somewhere with a bullet in his head. Only time will tell.

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