Imam Yasser Shahade Jailed for Raping a 13-year-old Boy


Sexual predation isn’t just a product of American Society. You just need to read the news from almost any country to see that. Unfortunately it’s much more accepted or overlooked in some segments and religions. Judging from the way that 35-year-old Islamic Imam Yasser Mohamed Shahade allegedly treated a 13-year-old boy in Tampa, Florida he really didn’t care about the laws and customs of the country he’s been staying in.

A 13-year-old boy was staying overnight at the Tampa Masjid Omar Al Mohktar mosque for early prayers when he was allegedly sexually assaulted by Imam Shahade. Tampa police received a phone call Sunday morning reporting the incident and they responded to Tampa General Hospital, where the boy was being treated. Sunday night they showed up at the mosque and arrested Shahade who is being held with no bond.

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