Update III 9/17/09 – It appears that Ferres was sentenced to something around 12 years. Right now his scheduled release date is 4/21/2021 and he is incarcerated at Two Rivers Correctional Institute. To all you folks still defending papa smurf, stick it up your ass. If you don’t like what you are reading nobody is making you stay.

Updated II – So apparently Trevor finally got his day in court. I would have had this updated earlier but there is no coverage of this at all, at least online. Trevor has been convicted of one count of rape and two counts of sexual abuse. He has been cooling his heels at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon since Thursday. He has not had his sentencing yet and I’m not yet sure when he will but I’ll update this again once I find out.

Updated – I’ve found it pretty interesting some of the ideas being bandied around in the comments. Derek from Michigan thinks that the police officer is lying and all of them should be given a polygraph, including the officer, or as he put it, a ‘pollygraph’. Whatever. 

I have always been under the assumption that when a woman says NO it means just that. No. Simple, unequivocal. No. Even if the woman has been leading you on and then stops. But then again, I’ve never raped a woman. I guess it just shows the mindset of these people that think it’s OK given that they were partying, probably drunk or stoned and Trevor was supposedly in a blackout. In that case it must mean ‘well….maybe’.
After having corresponded with someone ‘in the loop’ I have come to the same conclusion that I had when I first came across this story. It was a case pure and simple of ‘date rape’ if you want to call it that. Rape is rape though, just like no is no. The victim in this case has been severely affected by the experience and is afraid of everyone right now. They have her on drugs just so she can stay calm and sleep. I know from a parents perspective that were it my daughter Trevor Ferres would consider himself lucky to be in jail but then what do I know, I’m a douchebag, right Derek? BTW, does your new wife agree with you that this situation was OK?
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Off-subject for a quick second. I’ve found that the Apache (webserver) security rules that my host is using seems to give an error on certain comments, particularly where the word rape is concerned. I’ve tried a workaround or two but there ya’ go. I can’t even comment from this page, I have to use the main interface. Feel free to email me with your comments if you get an error and I’ll try to get ’em posted.

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On Wednesday morning around  1am someone called to complain that there were several people outside of their apartment being too loud. I’ve heard it referred to as a party on one news report. When the Deputy showed up at the apartment complex he approached on foot and heard a female voice screaming ‘stop’ and ‘no’. He ran toward the sounds and saw this lovely gentleman to the left sexually assaulting a girl. When the officer called out to them the girl ran to him for safety.
Trevor Ferres, 19, has been arrested and charged with Rape, Attempted Rape, Kidnapping, Unlawful Sexual Penetration and Strangulation. He’s currently spending time in the Marion County Jail until he goes before a judge. The victim, who knew Ferres, was taken to a hospital where she was evaluated and then released.
I guess this would be Rapey Smurf?
From what I could find, Trevor graduated from Roberts High School in Salem, Oregon just this past June. It may or may not be Trevor but doing a search on MySpace turns up this profile that hasn’t been logged into since January of 2006. 
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