Jessica Holcomb Arrested in Connection With Toddler's Death



The autopsy report for 18-month-old Shyanne Nicole Holcomb has been released and it pretty much said what we already knew, that the baby had died from suffocation. Jessica Holcomb has now been charged with the death of her daughter. Investigators are saying that Holcomb most likely knew that she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest and went into the crawl space in order to hide from law enforcement.

Original Entry Posted 5/19/09

This past Friday officers from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department went along with a social workers from Gwinnett County DFACS to investigate a report that two young children were being left at home alone and that the house was unsanitary.

When law enforcement got to the house they knocked on the door and heard a baby yell and then quickly stop. Nobody would answer the door and fearing for the safety of the child they entered through the back door. Searching the house they found a large portion of the wall in a closet cut out and inside the homemade crawl space they found 26-year-old Jessica Holcomb holding the lifeless body of her 18-month-old child. They attempted CPR and then took the toddler to the hospital, where it was life-flighted to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in an attempt to save it’s life.

An autopsy to determine the cause of the child’s death is forthcoming and Jessica Nicole Holcomb has been charged with one count of Cruelty to Children. This obviously isn’t Jessica’s first brush with the law as in addition to the cruelty to children charge she is also facing a violation of probation charge  (inmate charges) and is being held with no bond pending a hearing (in addition to possible murder charges).

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