Update – Michael Clay Trials to Begin Next Week


Updated – Ok, quick trial. The jury found Michael Clay guilty yesterday on the assault charges and he faces up to 35 years on those. He still has charges to answer for in Richmond County that include rape, sodomy and murder.

Original Entry – Yes, I said trial(s). Michael Clay has been lodged without bond for quite some time now (over three years) on seventeen different criminal counts including murder, assault and rape. Michael is allegedly a serial rapist who would then beat the women that he raped. His first trial is in Richmond County Superior Court and will be on two charges of aggravated assault. Supposedly the charges have been broken up because they are not all related, which is true to some extent but I think what it really comes down to is the fact that prosecutors want to make sure he gets as much time as possible. That’s a good thing.

The two assaults have to do with the fact that he ran over David Barnes with his car on February 12th, 2006. That’s the same day that he allegedly beat his girlfriend Kimberly Wright, breaking her teeth. He’s pleaded not guilty to both of the charges. His arrest triggered his being identified as a suspect in the other crimes,including beating a woman into a coma behind a bar. She died ten months later.

Police also managed to get enough DNA evidence to link Clay to three other rapes in which the women were sexually assaulted and beaten between 2000 and 2003. He’s also been accused of beating and robbing another woman in 2006.


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