More Charges For Alison Peck


23-year-old Alison M. Peck (MySpace, Facebook) used to be a teacher at Greenfield High School in Missouri. She already faces felony rape and sodomy charges in two different counties for her involvement with a 16-year-old boy. Now investigators have discovered that earlier in May she had a couple of women rent a hotel room so that she could meet up with the 16-year-old boy. She’s now been charged with Statutory Rape and the prosecutor is seeking a $200,000 bond.


According to the probable cause statement that was used for the initial charges the student started sending Peck text messages last December and then started going to her house in Mt Vernon. What’s really creepy is that right after the affair started Peck filed for divorce from her husband back in January.

Wonder if these two will be doing “hot for teacher” night in ten years…eeeewww.

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