Susan Betancourt Arrested For Leaving a Baby in the Car

susanbetancourt1.jpg56-year-old Susan Diane Betancourt (MySpace) of Woodstock, Georgia was arrested in neighboring Kennesaw earlier today after she left a one-year-old child she was babysitting in her car for almost half an hour while she was inside a gas station playing video games. Apparently the windows were down about an inch.

She was arrested earlier this afternoon and charged with cruelty to children and held on $3,000 bond. Either she’s already bonded out or Cobb County hasn’t yet updated their current inmates listing so I don’t have a link to the booking info yet.

According to CBS Atlanta Betancourt is an out-of-work nurse who has been caring for the baby boy since he was born. An officer on routine patrol happened to see the van with the baby inside and went inside the gas station to find the owner of the van.

I don’t know about the gas stations around Kennesaw but judging from all the ones in my area (about 30 miles away) the only “video games” inside of gas stations are of the video poker type, the ones where you win money. Supposedly it’s illegal and they can only let you play for store credit but in reality there are still quite a few that pay out in cash and it’s a real problem for some people.


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