Update II – Thad Allen Wick changed his plea and Pinal County allowed him to enter into a plea agreement back in February. He is still stitting in the Pinal County jail and was sentenced on May 5th. I still haven’t been able to find out the results of it but once I do I’ll get it online here. So Thad Wick is only in prison for a year. He made a plea deal on the child sex charges but is serving one year on the Aggravated Assault charge. Thanks to Mr B for the update.

36-year-old Shannan Mysteri Seng has also pleaded guilty and her sentencing is May 11th. From what I have been able to find there has also been a custody hearing since November with her husband attempting to get his children back. Looks like that was under review the last time the records were updated. They’ve been divorced for what looks to be 15 years, although that information could be wrong.

Update – I’ve been accused in the comments by someone wishing to remain of not having the facts in the case. I’ve checked the Pinal County jail and although Shannan had a condition of release review a couple of days ago they are both still incarcerated pending a hearing on December 8th and the charges are still pending. Huh. Guess I do have the facts that are out there at least. If you have something to share and links to the legal documentation I’ll be more than happy to fix any errors.

Original Post:

This is like the premise of a bad porno flick.

Shannan Seng ( and her four children live in Queen Creek, Arizona along with Shannan’s boyfriend, Thad Wick. Her kids range in age from 8-14. Back in September they had a house party and at least one of Shannan’s teen daughter’s friends was in attendance. Seng and Wick allowed, allegedly offering her, beer and shots of whiskey at the party. As a result she got pretty drunk and was invited back to the bedroom.
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The 17-year-old girl said that she was too drunk too fight back and that Wick had sex with her on the bed, and that she managed to crawl away while Seng and Wick were having sex. Originally Shannan told police that she willingly took off her clothes and had sex with Wick while she watched but later both of the adults admitted that what the 17-year-old said was true.

Also in September a 16-year-old girl was at their house and they also provided her with alcohol as well. She told police that Wick wanted her to flash her tits, telling her it was a tradition for anyone that drank there.
Later on they called her into the bedroom and both had sex with her. The next day Seng asked her if she was OK with what had happened the night before, telling the teen that she and her boyfriend liked to experiment with sex. I’m all for experimenting but this is going a bit far.
When police questioned Seng and Wick he said that he had sex with the 17-year-old but thought that she was 18 and that he didn’t remember having sex with the 16-year-old because he was too intoxicated.
Both Shannan Seng and Thad Wick were arrested on October 17th on charges which included sexual conduct with a minor, luring minors for sexual exploitation and furnishing obscene materials to minors. Both of them are out on bail and they have a pre-trial conference on December 8th. Shannan Seng’s children have been turned over to their grandmother by Child Protective Services. When Wick was arrested he already had a warrant out for him in another case involving aggravated assault. He also has been charged with interfering with a judicial proceeding as well as child abuse.
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