Timayia Bellamy Likes His Weed


One thing I discovered in my late teens is that if you don’t do illegal things, yo don’t have to worry about being arrested. I don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff any more but Timayia Lacardre Bellamy does. I don’t have anything in particular against pot heads, other than the fact that it’s illegal. Here’s a bit of valuable advice. If you want to kill your brain cells with your poison of choice, do so at home or somewhere you don’t have to drive. My poison of choice is ocasionally beer or other assorted liquors. I am generally a tee-totaler but if I’m off work or on vacation I’m not adverse to getting a little shit-faced but I try to follow the simple rules stated above.

Bainbridge, GA police had a driver’s license checkpoint set up to make sure everyone coming through was legal. Around 10 a.m. Saturday morning the officers noted a car stop, backup and turn around when the driver noticed the checkpoint. Officers gave chase and attempted to pull Bellamy over and when he refused they had to block him with a police car in order to keep him from fleeing. Police found a small amount of marijuana on the floor board of the car. He was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license, improper backing, fleeing or attempting to elude, impeding traffic flow and possession of marijuana.

Bellamy goes by T-bone #1 over at MySpace and his photos prominently include a picture of a blunt as well as personal photos. His profile over at gay.date.com doesn’t say anything about being a drug user but I guess that’s not something you would advertise.

Source. (note – the Post-Searchlight lists Bellamy as a woman, but I’m pretty sure that’s just an error in research)

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