UWG Student Matthew Richardson Gets 20 for Child Porn


13 months ago 19-year-old Matthew Dale Richardson (http://www.myspace.com/psycho8137) was arrested for child porn after University police found child porn on his computer at his Arbor View apartment.

Apparently Matt was on an unsecured wireless network and another student ‘unintentionally intercepted’ sexually explicit photos of children on his computer. They went to the police who told the student to contact them again if the images showed up again. They did and the student called them back. Once police checked them out they tracked the porn to Richardson’s computer which was close to the other student’s apartment. When police searched the apartment they found either pornographic videos or photos of children as young as four.

Fast forward to this year and Matthew Richardson pleaded guilty in court before Judge Dennis Blackmon and received a sentence of 20 years in prison to be followed by 20 years of probation for four counts of sexual exploitation of children.

Most of Psycho8137’s (his online handle) profiles are on gaming sites and his Youtube profile offers nothing particularly out of the ordinary either, which is why I haven’t posted links to any of them.

Don’t get me wrong here. I hate sexual offenders and anyone who deals with child porn but I think in this case the sentence may have been a bit harsh. Rapists and murderers sometimes get less time for far worse crimes than Matthews. Not only that but I guarantee that I could take my laptop to the middle of the apartment complex or university and turn on my wireless connection and I can 100% promise you that porn isn’t going to magically be intercepted on my computer. Either the person who wrote the article I ran across at the Times-Georgian (can’t see it without registering) is a fool who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, or whoever she spoke to in court is an idiot that passed on bad information that she didn’t bother to check. In order for the images to have been seen the concerned student would have had to have been browsing the wireless network snooping through other people’s computers in order to have come across the porn.

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