Updated – William B. Moncalieri Loves The Dead…

Updated – I’ve just been going through some of my old stories and trying to update them.

29-year-old William Bryant Moncalieri was released on bond on October 18th and had his court case back in February. Apparently Moncalieri either pleaded guilty or was found guilty. He ended up serving two months in jail, had to pay fines and restitution and was released from the Pinellas County Jail on April 13th of this year.

Original Entry – …actually he loves money even more than that. Betcha thought this was some kind of necrophilia post, huh? Not today thank goodness. According to WKRG in the Florida Panhandle William Moncalieri stole more than 100 urns from a Florida cemetery and sold them to a recycling company. Moncalieri used to work for the cemetery and stole 15-20 urns a night and made over $1000. They are the metal urns where you place flowers on graves, not urns for ashes (which is what I initially thought). The owners reported missing urns back in early august after they noticed them missing all over the cemetery.
The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department arrested him at his home on Monday.

Hope that $1000 was worth the jail time. bwahahaha.

When I first came across the story I just figured Moncalieri was a waged employee of the cemetery but he is listed at Portfolio.Com as the General Manager for the Eternal Rest Funeral Home in Dunedin, Florida.

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