Ernest Vereen Had a Grudge

ernest vereenMen can be funny at times, but then again I guess women can too. Grudge sex is one of the really funny things people do. You might be angry with your ex or maybe your current girlfriend or spouse but being angry with them doesn’t preclude sex. Hell, it can occasionally be better than just normal sex. Then you run into someone like Ernest N Vereen Jr in Tampa, FL who take grudge fucking to an entirely different level.

Back on Sunday Ernest’s ex-girlfriend went to his house and they proceeded to get into an argument. Rather than just throwing her the hell out Ernest decided it would be more appropriate to hold the woman captive for two days; beating, raping and sodomizing the woman. She managed to escape on Tuesday and walked almost a mile to a gas station where she could call for help.

It took a couple of days before U.S. Marshals and the local police could find Ernest but find him they did and now the shitheel is locked up in the Orient Road jail in Hillsborough County. He is being held with no bond on three charges of sexual battery, kidnapping and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Ernest is no stranger to the police either, having been convicted previously for child abuse and aggravated battery.


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